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Mold Remediation Las Vegas February 18, 2019

This article is to provide information about black mold and mold remediation. I feel compelled to tell this story so that other people that experience what I have can have a heads up. Mold can really sneak up on you and sometimes it can take months if not years for it to come to your attention. The only thing that I can say is that if you find yourself in a situation where you find black mold that you reach out to a professional mold remediation team immediately.black mold remediation las vegas

We recently purchased a property here in Green Valley just southeast of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip. Actually, it is a condominium with common wall areas. The condo previous owner had converted an area within the great room to be a wet bar. She had a handyman come and run a connection from the laundry sink to the new sink in the wet bar. We were living there and using that sink and now a new ice maker that we installed for several years until we smelt a strange smell. Something like bad fruit. Well, it was black mold and we were quick to call a professional mold remediation team over at Las Vegas Environmental Pros. Mold remediation is a tough task and we had very high recommendations for this company. Not only was this company friendly but the provided major assistance when we went to claim this repair with our Allstate insurance company. They provided all of the necessary documentation for a mold remediation claim that we prepared for our insurance agent.las vegas mold removal

After totally demolishing the connection from the wet bar to the laundry sink, the mold remediation team established that the job was not done properly to begin with. What a mess and a major job was ahead as we repaired the bad plumbing connection. It really was a miracle that we discovered the black mold and we were able to have the knowledge to reach out to a professional mold remediation team. This situation should have been disclosed during the purchase of our condominium but it wasn’t. Our mold remediation team was able to prove that there were problems long before we purchased this unit so now our insurance company is going after the previous owner.

After going through this whole black mold experience, I totally recommend that you hire a home inspector that specializes in finding potential mold situations prior to purchasing your home. It is a real project to deal with a mold remediation team and all of their demands. During a mold remediation, you pretty much need to leave your property so that you are no longer exposed to the dangerous mold spores. We had to stay at our local Station Casino that was nearby. Thankfully, we were able to use our gambling points so that we stayed for free. las vegas mold remediation

I do have to say that the mold remediation team really did a spectacular job with the entire process from start to finish. What a total mess it was for a while and it was really hard for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When we finally gained access to our home, the crew had left some fresh flowers for us and was there to walk through all of the items that they had to deal with and repair. It’s as if we have a brand new home now and that’s a happy ending for sure.


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