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Minneapolis Hood Cleaning Reviews Three Great Burger Restaurants in Minneapolis, Minnesota April 4, 2019

Minneapolis, Minnesota got is name from one of the city’s first schoolmaster. He combined a Dakota Sioux word for water, mini, and a Greek word for city, polis.

Considered the forty-fifth largest city in the United States, Minneapolis is home to hipsters, rappers and producing artists. Famous musicians like Prince and Bob Dylan called Minneapolis their home.

Minneapolis is home to one of the most daring kidnapping stories in the United States. It is said that a wife of a wealthy investment broker was snatched from her house in 1972. The kidnappers requested the largest United States ransom at the time of one million dollars. Their instructions sent the husband to different phone booths in town, answer on the third ring, and get instructions on his next stop. The last stop was inside a bar where the money was removed from his trunk while he was inside waiting for the call. Fortunately his wife was returned unharmed but the kidnappers were never apprehended.

The population in 1860 was 5,809 compared to the most current census in 2017 which was 422,331. That is a lot of mouths to feed. Here are three great hamburger restaurants in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Minneapolis Minnesota RestaurantThe Lowry, located Uptown, is the creation of Stephanie Shimp and David Burley. They got their humble beginnings in the 1990’s when they worked together a premier restaurant in the Twin Cities. They spent time after work enjoying a cocktail and dreaming about opening a restaurant of their own.

Their first restaurant opened in 1993 in a building that was previously an ice cream shop. They worked together every day building their clientele that eventually developed into a loyal following.

They got so busy they decided to open up two restaurants. That was followed up by them opening five more restaurants before they opened The Lowry in August of 2011. They have since opened two more restaurants.

They must have a gift for creating successful restaurants as they have over one thousand three hundred online posts. These posts have given them a four-point-four-star rating.

Sporty’s Pub & Grill is located in the Northeast part of Minneapolis. They call themselves the Twin Cities original dive bar. Originally opening in 1965 as a small bar, there were two businesses on either side of them. One was a barber shop and the other was a grocery store.Minneapolis MN Restaurant Photo

When those businesses closed, Sporty’s Pub & Grill took over the space to expand their restaurant. It went through many names prior to being taken over by Joe who bought the place in 1998. Originally, they could only serve what was called 3-2. 3-2 is a beer that contains only 3.2% alcohol. Joe was able to get a full liquor license in 2007 giving them the opportunity to expand and upgrade the restaurant.

They have over a four-star rating on the internet with over five hundred reviews. This is due to their signature burgers with made from scratch ingredients.

Peppers & Fries serves scratch-made, had-crafted burritos and burgers. Located in the Longfellow district of Minneapolis, they opened their doors in 2014.

Minneapolis MN Restaurant MediaOwner, Steve Frias (also known as Fries) was raised in a restaurant. His parents opened a restaurant over fifty years ago. He learned how to make amazing burritos just like the ones his parents made. He worked in the kitchen washing dishes and, in the restaurant, bussing tables so he knew what hard work was.

As he grew he developed a love for God, family and baseball. His fourth love was hamburgers. He raised his daughter, Marie, with the same passions he had, and they would constantly hunt out restaurants with amazing hamburgers.

is father/daughter business has created quite a following. They have well over four hundred positive posts on the web giving them a strong four-plus rating.

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