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National Automobile Museum Reno, Nevada April 23, 2019

One of the best places to go when in Reno, Nevada is the National Automobile Museum. Our friends at Paschall Plumbing recommended we go there when we visited Reno last Spring.

Reno Nevada National Auto MuseumIt was originally known as The Harrah Collection because millionaire Bill Harrah was the original car collector. He housed the cars in a warehouse in Sparks, Nevada and eventually turned it into a museum.

The current location is on the corner of Mill and Lake Street in Downtown Reno. There are over two hundred cars on display in a one hundred thousand square foot building.

After visiting the National Automobile Museum, you can walk to the recently built ball park for lunch. Or you can feast at the historical Santa Fe Basque Restaurant.

The restaurant was bought last year by developer Dennis Banks. It was originally rumored he was going to turn it into a wine bar, but clearer heads prevailed, and they decided to do some much-needed renovations.

The bar and restaurant will look much the same because they did not want to modernize it. They are putting in new heating and plumbing systems as well they upgraded the electric. The bathrooms and kitchen have been modernized which is something that should have been done.


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